Manager OS for People Leaders

Manager OS for People Leaders

Manager OS for People Leaders

Complete Notion Portal for People Managers. Save time with 30+ templates and portals.

Complete Notion Portal for People Managers. Save time with 30+ templates and portals.

Complete Notion Portal for People Managers. Save time with 30+ templates and portals.

ManagerOS: Your All-in-One Managerial Suite on Notion

People management is a craft.

Welcome to ManagerOS, the go-to Notion template designed exclusively for people managers who aspire to lead efficient, engaged, and high-performing teams. Developed with comprehensive input from global managers, ManagerOS aims to turn your management challenges into actionable insights and practical solutions.

Elevate Your Leadership Game

Each craft needs a workshop. With ManagerOS, you gain immediate access to an organised workspace that acts as your personal command center for managing projects, teams, and strategic roadmaps. The dashboard facilitates data-driven decision-making, helping you start every workday with ultimate confidence.

Features Tailored for Managers

Centralised Dashboard: Seamlessly navigate through objectives, one-on-one meetings, team development, projects, and more—all from a unified dashboard.

In-Depth Guides: Don’t just manage—lead. The detailed guides on each page and template provide step-by-step instructions for driving team success.

30+ Specialised Templates: From recruitment and onboarding to performance evaluation and exit interviews, these templates cover the complete managerial lifecycle.

Exclusive Content: Benefit from premium content including a comprehensive list of over 30 team activities aimed at fostering collaboration and team cohesion.

Data-Driven Tools: 8 interconnected databases offer invaluable insights into your team’s performance, facilitating better strategy formulation and execution.

Save time with 30+ templates and portal for Recruitment, Onboarding, Project management, calendars, agendas, and more.

Version 2.0 Highlights

Enhanced Team Building: Access exclusive templates to facilitate impactful workshops and sessions, boosting collaboration and team spirit.

Streamlined Exit Interviews: Capture insights from departing employees with a 16-question template, designed to improve retention.

Weekly Dashboard Updates: More space for setting priorities, recording praise, and even weekly planners for better organization.

Project Management Upgrades: From Gantt charts to KPIs, the Project Center is now more equipped than ever to manage complex tasks and team responsibilities.

Secure & Collaborative

Notion's powerful sharing options enable you to collaborate with your team while keeping sensitive information confidential. Remember, share only single pages and never the Home Page for optimal data security.

Find more details in the detailed user guide (read version here).

Quick start ➡️ How to use the ManagerOS in your Notion system?

  1. Get Notion (this template works on both Free and Premium accounts).*

  2. Duplicate the template into your Notion account.

  3. Use the button inside the template to generate a new Manager OS portal or use the one that is already generated.

  4. Move the empty template to a dedicated area in your Notion space, for example your Private pages.

  5. Get inspired by the example and fill in the template you have created for your team.

  6. Follow the detailed user guide to learn how to use each portal and template.

👩‍👧‍👧 Can you share (parts of) the Hub with your team / direct reports?

→ Notion is fantastic for collaboration

→ But be aware that there is a lot of confidential information in your Manager Hub

→ Golden rule: share only single pages, never the Home Page.

Go Premium for Customised Guidance

For those interested in a more personalised setup, the Premium version of ManagerOS includes a 1-hour consulting session with the creator - Mona from ManagerHacks. This session can be invaluable for adapting the system to the specific needs and challenges of your team. It's a chance to ask questions, get expert advice, and ensure you're getting the most out of your ManagerOS experience.


*For full disclosure, I'm a Notion Partner, so when you sign up with my link, you also help support me and my content!

Step into the future of people management with ManagerOS—your personalised hub for leadership excellence.

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